Science and education related concepts (available for purchase)

Logotype treatment of boat name

Monogram for Jessica Rose, professional dancer

Conferencing services company

Fundraising event gala branding for MSPCA-Angell

Monogram for RLF

Non-profit history museum

Branding for exhibit at Buttonwoods Museum

Branding for non-profit organization's donor program located in Georgia

Fundraiser branding for Buttonwoods Museum

Product branding sold at fundraiser event

Pre-owned Camping Gear website

HouseWizard - Online real estate company

Cable manufacturer

Fundraising event branding for Big Brother/Big Sister

Dance performance branding

Non-profit organization

City landmark branding

Data resource product branding for OneSource

Exhibit branding for Aquarium of the Pacific in California

Software product branding for DaVinci Direct

POS product branding

Direct Mail Agency

Fundraiser for the Buttonwoods Museum

Fundraiser for the Buttonwoods Museum

Acoustic rock band

Merchandise branding

Promotional branding for School Family Media

Personal monogram for James Flynn

Marketing and PR firm

Dance exhibition fundraiser to benefit the American Cancer Society

Montrose Machine

Fundraiser branding for MSPCA-Angell

Fundraiser branding for MSPCA-Angell

Polar fleece clothing company

Public relations firm

Relay for Life team branding

Branding for community based program sponsored by School Family Media

Online video series produced by Pellet Productions

Branding to promote event at the Bank of America Championship golf tournament

Program branding for School Family Media

Elementary school mascot branding

Real estate property management company

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